Sunday seafront drivers penalised

I AM not the first, nor will I be the last, resident/visitor to be hit with a parking ticket on the seafront on a Sunday.

I, together with two other car owners, parked our vehicles in the Fishermen’s Club car park on Sunday, April 22 and went in for an enjoyable lunch.

None of us were aware parking restrictions were in force there on a Sunday so did not pay.

When we returned to our vehicles we all had received parking tickets. I, on behalf, of my two friends appealed to the council who refused to cancel the penalty notices.

I found their approach heavy-handed in that parking is allowed in the town centre on Sundays so why the restrictions on the seafront?

Surely Eastbourne should be encouraging its residents (and visitors) to be able to enjoy free parking in the whole of the town on Sundays and not, it would appear, to make money by penalising those who park innocently on the seafront.

I had another brush with a parking warden recently when I parked a Cuckmere Community bus (I am a volunteer driver) in the usual bus stop area near the war memorial.

The warden was going to give me a ticket as it was not a ‘recognised bus’ even though it is painted cream and green and had passengers on! This was sorted out and the council relented.


Pevensey Bay Road