Street party plan not that simple...

WE had enthusiastically set about planning a street party in Pashley Road for the royal wedding, being much encouraged by the council’s statement that such a party would generate ‘a sense of community, and now it’s easier than ever before’.

But this did not allow for the bureaucracy of the council’s licensing team whose requirements include: obtaining consents from the highways, events, licensing and environmental health departments; consultations with all street residents; consultations with bus companies and taxi firms; seeking guidance from Eastbourne Borough Council’s noise team; a comprehensive risk assessment; a map showing the area of road to be closed with diversion details and positions of road signs; a plan of all staging, tables and other furniture to be placed in the street and £5 million, minimum cover, insurance policy.

We have to apply to the council two months before the wedding and take out an insurance policy (which costs more than £100) even before we make our application and know whether we can hold the event.

Seventeen example reasons are given by the council for a possible rejection of an application to close part of our street. We then come to the impossible. The council says it may give us confirmation of the road closure only five working days before the event but we must then, 10 days in advance of the wedding post notices in the street, local shops, in windows and gardens that we have received the council’s confirmation.

This unprecedented bureaucracy is wholly disproportionate and even impossible to follow.

Our street party is in jeopardy, even though we have assembled a team with previous experience of organising five most successful royal street parties.

Kath Hill

Pashley Road