Storage of dud batteries: beware

A RECENT experience prompts me to ask if you would make your readers aware of the potential dangers of dry-cell battery recycling.

Over a period of some four to five months I have replaced various batteries consisting of 1.5 volt, 9 volt, button batteries and similar from torches, clocks etc and have stored the dud batteries for recycling.

Temporarily the batteries were kept in a small plastic bag on a kitchen worktop surface.

My wife was recently working in the kitchen when a sharp explosion occurred and fragments of battery were thrown across the room setting alight the plastic bag in the process.

My wife was lucky not to have been injured and fortunately, was able to extinguish the flames in the bag.

However, if she and I been out of the house, or indeed away, then this incident could have had far more serious consequences.

I am concerned that very little information appears to be made public on the recommended procedure regarding dud battery storage prior to disposal.

Bob Wickham

London Road