Stop knocking our lovely town

I WAS incensed by two letters in the Herald on February 24. The first I found most offensive concerning our lovely seaside town. Apart from Brighton, which actually is looking exceedingly tatty these days, and can be unbearably crowded, he obviously hasn’t visited many of our other seaside towns. I have, and apart from one or two exceptions, our seafront is second to none. It is clean, pretty, sedate, and free of old-fashioned shops selling cheap kiss me quick hats and the like.

The gardens and Western Lawns are beautiful and hopefully when the Wish Tower restaurant and Treasure Island are up and running again, it will be back to its best again. I have met many first-time visitors to our town and they are always surprised at how lovely Eastbourne is.

The other letter about the town centre shops exasperated me. I live in the town centre and go across to the shops every day. It is always buzzing with shoppers.

Okay, there are a few too many charity shops at the bus lane end of Terminus Road, but the centre has many busy shops with one or two more opening soon or have opened in the last month.

So stop knocking our lovely town and try going to some others and see what they are like. Even other towns which are thriving still have to pay to park.


St Leonards Road