Stop behaving like spoilt children

WHY oh why don’t these two investers realise that they, the town centre and Sovereign Harbour, all stand to gain if both projects go ahead, not to mention the benefit to residents and tourists alike?

These two projects will compliment each other and bring more visitors and business to the area.

Eastbourne needs to move forward even in these times of recession.

We mustn’t just blame the worlds money woes and sit back til things pick up, we need to be in front leading the way to bigger and better facilities for people living in the area and those visiting.

We want them to return and tell others of the wonderful experience they had when visiting Eastbourne.

So please Legal & General and Prudential don’t keep behaving like spoilt children.

See the benefits that you can both bring in different ways to our beautiful of Eastbourne.


Centauri Court, Sovereign Harbour.