Stone Cross’s Haven Players are a really talented bunch

Haven Players SUS-170512-090229001
Haven Players SUS-170512-090229001

From: Rosemary Austin-Cooper

Mill Road

I went with my family to see the last performance of the Haven Players pantomime Red Riding Hood, and jolly good it was too.

They are an extremely talented group and we return year after year, as we wait in eager anticipation of the show.

Two and a half hours of fun and laughter is good for the soul, and that is what we got!

There were many strong performances and the incomparable Dame always delivers over and above.

He is a real star and his comedy timing is excellent.

Mr Wolf, The Doctor, Red Riding Hood and Tom were all excellent, and the story unfolded nicely, with the wolf eating Granny particularly well executed.

If I have a criticism, it is too many chickens!

Most of the non-principals were cast as chickens and here I have to congratulate the costume and makeup people on making them look so real, but I think the number could have been halved and the rest of the cast dressed as village people.

I missed the live musicians but a grand job was done with tapes and all on cue.

I would have liked more solos to break up the script, but All That Jazz from the Chickens really lit up the stage to begin the second half, and more big numbers would have helped the show along.

The decorating sketch was mediocre and better left out.

I know it takes lots of time and hard work to put on a pantomime, and my thanks and praise go to each and every one of the Haven Players involved in the production.

It was a lovely way to spend a cold winter afternoon.

Pity we have to wait another 12 months before the next one!