Still waiting for an answer on tourism

SO YEAH! Eastbourne’s giving major discounts to tourists. Why don’t they just pay for them to have a free holiday in the first place?

Following the fantastic news that the entire seafront has free wi-fi, I was wondering whether this means you can surf the net happily in your deckchair until your power runs out.

I feel it’s yet again, for the benefit of the tourists.

How about giving Old Town, Langney or Hampden Park free wi-fi. At least it’d give us a better chance of work!

The tourists should be paying for us to have a better standard of living here.

With all the seasonal minimum-wage jobs they give us and all the divvies who get in your way because they don’t know where the hell to go, I think not!

I asked quite some time ago where all these ‘millions of pounds’ we make from tourism go to. I am still waiting for an answer!


Penhurst Close