Steam train causes plenty of excitement

THANK you for publishing such a fine photograph of the locomotive ‘Britannia’ at Hampden Park station in last week’s edition as I was one of the ‘day trippers’ who made the journey from Lewes to Ely.

The train took a winding route across London via Brixton and Willesden Junction before joining the northbound Liverpool Street line at Stratford close to the Olympic Stadium.

On the way the engine needed to take on water at several places which was achieved by running a hose across sidings or through station railings from a waiting bowser.

There were spectators all along the way including a class of children sitting on the platform at Cooksbridge station.

Details of other excursions are available on www.CathedralsExpress. Based on the success of this day let’s hope it is not too long before another steam train visits the area.

John Bassett

Milton Road