State of our roads is scandalous

The state of our roads is scandalous; potholes and deep ruts everywhere.

What is this situation doing to our tourism and business interests?

Electors might wish to ask all county council election candidates that, if elected, what priority they would give to the the repair and improvement of our carriageways.

This deterioration of our carriageways has not happened suddenly; there has been a lack of resources put in to the job over many years.

No one political party is responsible but, for example, the budget for carriageway repairs was ,in 2012/13 reduced by East Sussex County Council by £2 million.

Under Section 41 of The Highways Act 1980 East Sussex County Council has a statutory duty to maintain all roads, maintainable at public expense, in the county .

One might start to question whether the county council is, at present, complying with this statutory duty.

I would be interested to know how many legal claims for damages the county council has received for pothole damage to vehicles and cyclists etc.

Whoever is elected on May 2, those elected to power at County Hall on that Thursday must give urgent and serious attention to this scandal.


Mountbatten Drive.