State of Eastbourne’s pavements means I’m too scared to go out on my own


From: L. Simmons

Treemaines Road

It is not only in the town itself and areas like Meads that the pavements are bad.

Where we live they are absolutely disgusting – cracked paving slabs everywhere and wide gaps in between slabs on which you could easily turn your ankle.

I am a bit unsteady on my feet at the moment, am scared to go out on my own and only venture out with my husband.

A few years ago I complained to the County Council.

They wrote back full of excuses, but they did eventually send an inspector round to talk to me about my concerns.

The outcome was, however, that I received another letter, saying that he had merely recommended renewing a few paving slabs in certain areas, which was absolutely no use at all.

The whole of the pavements in Treemaines Road, Tanbridge Road and Telscombe Road need to be tackled.

Some time ago, before I first raised my concerns, the pavement on one side of Telscombe Road was relaid with tarmac, apparently as a result of somebody having had an accident, and it is great to be able to walk in safety along that stretch, but it is not good enough that a person has to suffer before anything is done.

Perhaps – dare I say it? – our council services would not have to be cut back so much if our governments did not send so much of our money abroad to countries which don’t need it and to corrupt regimes who pocket the cash and do absolutely nothing for their own citizens.