Staff kindness overwhelming

THANKS doesn’t begin to describe my gratitude for what happened to me last week.

I was taken to Asda by the community bus to shop and left to be collected, two hours later.

First I went to the Post Office to purchase stamps. Imagine my embarrassment when I couldn’t find my purse in my handbag.

I knew it could not have been stolen and realised I’d left it at home.

Then the lady, called Linda, asked me to wait and came out from behind the counter – No 3.

She took me to Asda’s front main desk and spoke to an assistant who sent for the manager Mr Sam Cook, to whom we explained my predicament.

He asked us to wait. When he returned he had arranged for one of his staff, a lady called Jo, to take me home to collect my purse and then return me to Asda. (He could have said you’ll have to come back another time. He didn’t!).

I was completely overwhelmed by the understanding and kindness shown to me. The more so because Linda and Sam didn’t know that shopping for me requires a big effort! (Being 83 going on 30!)

An extra big thank you to Linda, Sam and Jo.


Stevenson Close