Speaking up for our local hospital

MY very special brother, Herbert (Bert) Smith is 58-years-old with Down’s Syndrome, dementia and recently has had several grand mal seizures, quite a combination you will agree.

Late last August he fractured his pelvis and was admitted to the DGH.

He recovered well from this and left the DGH in September to continue his re-habilitation and respite at a care home.

After four days he had to return to the hospital as he had fractured both his hips in a fall.

So from September 2010 until February 2011 Bert was hospitalised for approximately five months in our DGH, firstly in Seaford Ward and for the majority of the time in Polegate Ward.

As Bert can be quite resistant to any intrusive interventions, either medically or for his personal care, I asked if I could remain on the ward with him to support staff in managing Bert’s behaviour.

This letter is just to say such a big thank you to everyone. I was made so welcome by all the staff and included in all my brother’s care, on both wards.

His recuperation was so pleasing and he actually gained weight. So much for the criticism of hospital food, it was not cordon bleu but tasty and plenty of it.

After spending so much time, mainly on Polegate Ward and following all the recent bad press for the NHS I feel that I have to speak up for our local Eastbourne DGH.

The quality of both medical and personal care I observed was second to none, even with the less than co-operative patients (one of whom, was certainly my brother).

My thanks go to all staff on both wards. I for one am delighted that I live in Eastbourne and that the DGH is my local hospital.

Anyone who has the time to write letters of criticism might try being a little more constructive and offer their help to the volunteers services at the DGH, then we can all contribute to improvements and perhaps become a little more appreciative of the hard work that goes on day and night at our own hospital.

Vera Langhorn

Darley Road, Eastbourne