Southfields Road is like a funfair ride for motorists

Everywhere I go in Eastbourne I come across roads that have been closed to apply new surfaces.

Many of these roads are residential backwaters without overly testing road surfaces or prodigious potholes.

Notwithstanding, this laudable activity to preserve these thoroughfares no attention seems to have been given to Southfields Road, one of Eastbourne’s more heavily used roads and a bus route as well.

Driving along this road can best be likened to one of the more hair raising rides at Alton Towers or other fun parks.

The surface is dangerously uneven making steering and control of a vehicle difficult.

How there has not been a serious accident involving a motor cycle or cyclist is a great surprise to me.

Surely attention should be given to this major route as a priority or does the public have to wait until someone is seriously injured or killed before any remedial action ensues?


Peppercombe Road,