Sounder financial case clearly needed

I REFER to John Bailey’s excellent letter concerning the Seaford Golf Club development.

Since the golf club is a town council asset and generates an annual profit of approximately £64,000, it is sensible to support plans for modest reconstruction - but surely a sounder financial case needs to be made.

Most certainly want to see the golf course retained but it is difficult to understand how the town council can justify a £1.4 million loan on a project which conveys benefits to approximately 350 of the town’s population

The loan repayment costs will far exceed the income currently received by the council.

For the town council to consider leasing the golf club on the open market is an interesting suggestion particularly as there is a precedent and, as Mr Bailey implies, potential developers/operators would produce a business plan and this would be an excellent indicator of the likely success of the venture.

The first question to ask is ‘how will the repayment on the balance of the loan not recovered from income be serviced?’

Clearly the town is in no mood for further rises in the precept (town council tax) particularly when this is for the benefit of such a small group of golfers.

The second question is ‘should a council serving a town the size of Seaford be running a business such as the golf club or should its energies be spent serving the wider population of the town?’


Corsica Road, Seaford