Sort out hearing loops, please!

It was great to read about the upcoming Disability Involvement Group roadshow being hosted at our local theatres. A little ironic I feel.

Is it possible that whilst having their roadshow, reps from the DIG could assess the hearing loop in all the theatres?

Having attended a variety of concerts and private conferences at all three locations (Devonshire Park Theatre, Winter Garden and the Congress Theatre), I am yet to experience the hearing loop working.

I have made a point of reporting this every time to the duty manager who always seems quite indifferent. On each occasion, the manager is only able to give a feeble excuse as to why it’s not their responsibility.

If people are paying to access something, then under the Disability Discrimination Act there is a responsibility for the theatres to provide suitable facilities.

The local audiology service were recently hosting a petition with regard to the loop system at the theatres, so I know I am not alone in this experience.

In case the theatre managers can’t hear when theatre-goers such as myself communicate their difficulties, I thought I’d write. It doesn’t work, it needs replacing, please sort it out.

Ruth Greenan

Iden Street