Sooner redevelopment of Eastbourne town centre is done, the better



Lindfield Road

Recently on two separate occasions I have been approached in Eastbourne town centre by middle aged females who were in some distress due to the fact they had tripped over lethal pavements.

They were wearing sensible footwear, they were not intoxicated, they were visitors.

One showed me her leg which was bleeding profusely, the other had ruined a smart outfit as well as suffering a leg injury.

I have noticed that outside the railway station, at what must be an enormous cost and considerable inconvenience to road users and nearby shopkeepers, an impressive fancy pavement is being laid.

Who is footing the bill for this?

Incidentally I have become aware of more men wearing hard hats roaming through the Arndale Centre than are actually working on the site.

I would have thought that time is of the essence particularly in the current political climate.

The sooner this unnecessary redevelopment is finished the better.

I must pay tribute to the bus drivers and taxi drivers who are faced with nightmare conditions as they attempt to traverse the town.