Sometimes we all have to make alternative arrangements.........

I REFER to your article last week concerning Mr Fields, a disabled angler and his complaint about Sharnfold Farm.

Before I begin I should declare an interest as my wife and I have spoken to Mr and Mrs Hilsdon many times when visiting their farm.

In our opinion they sell the best cheese scones and gluten-free cakes in Eastbourne.

One of the many other attractions at Sharnfold is that we can let our grandchildren, now aged nine and five, roam around the lake and surrounding woodland quite freely because it is traffic free.

If we have to watch out and warn them about cars it will diminish the pleasure for us, and many other families whom we have seen enjoying the farm.

Also, given children’s propensity to fall over when running around it is much better for them to take a tumble on a grass surface than a stone one.

The demand by Mr Fields would therefore reduce the attraction of the farm, not enhance it as his adviser claims.

There is also no mention as to who should pay for Mr Field’s access path.

The disability rights worker you quote claims the extension of the path is “reasonable” but there is no evidence given to back up this claim.

Would it be “reasonable” for the farm to spend hundreds, or thousands of pounds on something which will give them no quantifiable benefit?

Will Mr Fields and other anglers welcome increased charges to pay for it? (I think I know the answer to that one!)

I mentioned gluten free cakes which I require as I am a coeliac and cannot eat wheat products.

If I visit an eating place and learn that there are no gluten free products available I have two options – I can go elsewhere or go hungry.

What I don’t do is go back there again or complain and demand that they change their menus to suit me.

Let me stress that I am not in any way suggesting that my problem is anything like Mr Fields’ but there are issues in life for all of us where we just have to accept things and make alternative plans.

On Mr Fields’ own admission there are plenty of other lakes he can and does fish so why put Sharnfold to unnecessary and unjustified expense just for his occasional visit.


Wellington Quay