Some still have sense of altruism

I FIND it very hard to understand how petty, ignorant and critical people can be.

I’ve just had my hair done at Icon Stylists, the best salon in town in my opinion, and I couldn’t believe what I was told.

They have been accused of pocketing some of the money they recently collected at ‘Hairbourne’. I would like to dispel this malicious gossip with some facts.

Jal Clarke and his team worked tirelessly throughout Airbourne, cutting hair continuously for four days.

No-one was charged, but people were asked to donate instead to the EHA bucket collection.

The Eastbourne Hospitality Association (EHA) has organised this bucket collection for the past three years in order to help curb the financial shortfall of putting on Airbourne and to donate to its charity - this year the RNLI.

Icon Stylists are EHA trade members and were therefore giving up their time voluntarily, as do other EHA members, in order to collect for Airbourne.

Let’s get one thing straight once and for all. Airbourne benefits Eastbourne for many different reasons and in many different ways but the actual event runs at a huge loss.

Some of us that live in this town would like to see it continue and therefore try to minimise that cost. This is not for our own personal gain but because we’re proud of it as an event and proud of Eastbourne.

Altruism may be an old fashioned concept, but thank God some people still have a sense of it.

Jal Clarke is one of the most altruistic, dynamic and creative people that I’ve ever met.


Milton Road