Some questions for council chief

SOME questions I would like to ask the council and Mr Robert Cottrill, CEO of Eastbourne Borough Council:

How much are we going to pay Marks Barfield to produce a plan for the cultural future of Eastbourne? Has this work gone out to tender?

Bearing in mind that we, the council tax payers, had to pay a six-figure fee to compensate the new town plan contractors because the law says three tenders must be received for consideration.

Why did Professor Pick have to work so hard to discover the true figures relating to the running of Eastbourne’s facilities, mostly the theatres.

The self same four theatres with a £30 million price tag (a price tag of some years ago, so goodness knows how much it will be now) for repair and refurbishment.

Are we investigating EU money, Lottery money, grants or pots of gold at the end of rainbows to upgrade Eastbourne? Something should be substantiated, as I would guess the very least amount would be half a million to pay the Marks Barfield bill, unless someone can find a way of scattering that about in lots of different columns.

Let’s consider what could possibly be done with the Devonshire complex.

Without intimate knowledge of it it is very difficult to describe.

Its myriad exits and entrances cause visitors much confusion. Like Baby Jane – it grew!

Considering its organic characteristics it does remarkably well. It is probably best left alone.

What a pity that a new site was not considered when the Sovereign Centre was built.

Bournemouth did the right thing – combined public theatre, exhibition and conference facilities alongside leisure facilities.

Above and beyond the physical revision of the buildings we are promised ambitious plans reviewing business opportunities, involving comparisons with other destinations and cultural venues and analysis of opportunities to generate increased income, attendance, community use and audience satisfaction.

Wow, I cannot wait! Especially since Marks Barfield are also working on the transformation of Leicester Square.

Meanwhile, could we have some daytime street cleaning round the entrance to the Arndale and some attendance to the pavements?

I have seen several people fall because of the uneven levels. The cost of this should be manageable.

Jocelyn McCarthy

Dominica Court