Soldier’s mother’s heartfelt thanks

Michael Pritchard
Michael Pritchard

PLEASE can I express heartfelt thanks on behalf of myself, my daughters and the rest of my family, to everybody who has supported us since the death of our beautiful and precious son Michael Pritchard (pictured), in Afghanistan, on December 20 last.

You hear of so many negative things, but we have been deeply touched by the love and care shown to us by so many people.

Thanks should go to everybody, but a special mention to friends Jacqui, Livi, Millie, Ann, Annette, Phil, Nora, Wendy A, Zoe, Geoff and Anabelle for being there day and night and helping in every possible way.

Thanks to our mayor and friend Carolyn Heaps, former mayor Greg Szanto and Stephen Lloyd MP for standing by us in many ways.

Thanks too to my employers and work friends for ‘keeping me going’ at work. Without your patience love and care I would not have been able to return.

There are many other people who have also helped us and we thank you, each and every one of you.

Have a very merry Christmas and a peaceful new year and stay safe always.

Helen Perry

Old Town