Solar panels and nine other pet hates for 2012!

TEN things I wish I didn’t have to look at in 2012

1.Solar Panels: A complete and utter eyesore and the despoiling of buildings. What happened to planning laws?

2. Rubbish casually discarded by people who think it is their right to drop it anywhere. Pick it up!

3. Dog poo: Don’t blame the dogs blame the owners. Bin it!

4. Boy racers in family cars with massive noisy exhausts.

5. Able-bodied drivers in disabled car parking bays.

6. Jonathan Ross.

7. Benefit cheats taking the mick out of hard-working people.

8. Any more dents in my car doors caused by inconsiderate opening of doors in car parks.

9. Road works with no work taking place.

10. Cars parked on pavements. Roads for cars, pavements for people.

Have a grumpy new year!


Winchester Way, Willingdon.