Social housing should be local

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I want to make enquiries regarding the behaviour of some of our local councils.

It would appear that they are being paid to take families from other areas. We are having new estates being built and councils tell us social housing will be for local people as a priority, I don’t believe this for one minute. I have contacted a housing association to ask what I have to do to move to another area, they said just fill in the form stating were you want to move to. So new houses just get filled by these folk.

There is also another problem - there needs to be someone on each estate to arrange activities, most people have something of interest. We have in some estates a place for football, hockey, basketball or even art or music, where different age groups could join in activities. Where there isn’t such a place there ought to be one. We have large numbers of people just being bored, no job or other things to interest them, and with the market for buying houses being talked up all the time we have debt and despair that can only get worse.

While I believe this is the case all over the county I am at this time more concern with the Wealden District area, Hailsham and Hellingly in particular.