So what time does the council meeting start?

Hailsham Town Council have showed yet again how arrogantly they treat the residents of the town.

The Annual Town Council meeting took place on May 13. All around the town are bright yellow new signs advising residents that the meeting was taking place. They proudly display a time of 6.30pm.

Residents like myself had to rush our meal to make the new earlier time. On arriving one was greeted by a new format with everyone seated at tables and asked to fill out forms and questionnaires.

6.30pm came and went then to be told that the meeting would be starting at 7.30pm, the hour to wait we were told was for those present to fill out the questionnaires plus look at the displays put on by partners such as the Police / Hailsham Forward Team etc.

When residents started to question this and having to wait another hour. They were told over a microphone, timing were on the Town Council Web site and everyone should have read it there.

At this point a number of residents started to walk out. As I left at this point and counted at least a dozen other leaving in the car park.


Western Road,