So very many dancing memories

READING Derek Sharp’s letter, reminded me of my dancing days just before the outbreak of the last war, spending Monday and Tuesday nights dancing at the Regent Ballroom by the Brighton Clock Tower.

Big Band stuff was certainly for me, listening late evenings on my radio to so many well known leaders from the various Big London hotels which I loved.

Now at the age of 92, my memory goes back to so many happy times spent in dear old Eastbourne and recall the Terminus Road food shops such as the Home and Colonial & MacFisheries, etc, and at Bobby’s Restaurant a three-piece orchestra used to play daily during afternoon teas, when any requests for music were welcome to be played.

Along the seafront were bath chairs for the elderly being wheeled to inhale the fresh sea air - ponies and pony carts lined The Wish Tower giving children a ride for sixpence - horse drawn taxi cabs awaited passengers at the railway station.

Another memory is of the Devonshire Park Swimming Baths where I learnt to swim taught by a Mr Diplock, and I also recall the famous Wannock Tea Gardens and its amusing water “otter!”

Hoping Derek may share some of these memories.


Friday Street