So many caring and helpful people

MY WIFE suffered a serious fall in Eastbourne town centre on Friday, October 21, in the vicinity of Marks and Spencer.

She tripped over a high curb in the disabled bay, and was in a distressed state.

She had a severe break of her lower right leg and ankle.

She had an operation to insert a plate and screws in Eastbourne DGH the following day. She is now at home recovering, but will be in a cast for six weeks.

I would very much like to use your paper as a big thank you to many people who were very caring and a great comfort to my wife.

I was not able to take names, but the staff at the Arndale, a retired doctor, the many ambulance crews that attended and the staff at the DGH were a great source of help and comfort.

It was a delight to see that there are helpful and caring people out there! Thank you all.


Sutton Avenue