So grateful for all your support

THIS is a big thank you to all the people who stopped and showed our daughter kindness and support after she had a nasty accident on December 8 at around 7.05am on the new road heading towards Polegate.

To the four lovely men who piled out, checked on her, and helped her. To the man in the lay-by in his truck who offered kindness until her dad arrived and kept watch. And to Polly, from Premier Inn, who offered hot drinks.

That call was every parent’s nightmare, but to know that there are still kind people helped a lot.

To you all, you have my and my husband’s deepest gratitude.

Just when you think the human race is not up to much, you can be proved so wrong.

We wish you all a lovely Christmas and we will have a lovely one too. As we know it could have all been so different. Thank you, thank you.


Hereward Road