Smokers polluting the town’s sea air

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Ah, the joys of living in Eastbourne.

A saunter along the prom at 7am before the sun gets too high and those delicious sea breezes too warm...but what’s this? A great cloud of sea mist wafting in from the shore?

No – one of our caring summer visitors is lighting his pipe and filling the air with his noxious fumes. What a stinker!

Speed on by and into another fug of fog. This time it’s a man puffing on a cigar as he power-walks in shorts and trainers. That’s not the sort of puff you’re supposed to be expending, old chap!

Someone must have organised a Keep Coughing Day because almost everyone is lit up and the evidence is there on the pavement – dog ends and worse for our stoic, heroic street cleaners to clear up for them.

I thought I’d left The Smoke behind when I left London. But its spitting image has followed me down.

Nigel Blair

Dene Drive, Willingdon