Skatepark: Time to bite the bullet

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IT’S great to read Eastbourne Borough Council propose to put a skatepark in Manor Gardens.

I believe the idea to use the ‘old’ tennis courts was first mooted about ten years ago but was abandoned as a result of protests from some residents.

The only properties that may be directly affected are the cottage in the grounds, a few houses in the High Street which back on to Manor Gardens and possibly “Lockwood” in Compton Place Road.

To provide a safe facility for young people to use is far better than the existing situation where they use Borough Lane/Compton Place Road and the adjacent side roads as well as the steps by Waitrose and the steps leading from the High Street into the gardens.

The risk to the skaters from traffic and the possibilities of collisions when traffic stops suddenly when the less skilled don’t stop before the kerb and overshoot into a busy A259 is very high.

I trust this time the planners ‘bite the bullet’ and agree to build the skatepark as soon as possible.

Some of the youngsters who would use this facility are also among those who gather in the gardens to play their guitars and practice circus skills.

Good luck to them. I often feel tempted to take my guitar and juggling balls along to join them, but feel an ‘old man’ with a different taste in music and little juggling skill, except in ‘plate spinning’ might spoil the fun.

Incidentally the ‘memorial rose gardens’ referred to by Mr Loxley Harding were originally the grass tennis courts. The rose beds were planted to stop the skateboarders and mountain bike riders from using this area. Nearly half of the rose beds are empty and only a few bushes survive in the rest.

I believe that each time the beds were replanted, many of the bushes were stolen before they had time to take root.

Derek Legg

Beechwood Crescent