Skatepark divides young and old

RECENTLY, I have noticed a letters being sent to the Herald, from now familiar names, regarding the Skate Park that will be built in the old basketball court; I wanted to add my feelings on the matter.

I am an 18-year-old student, who currently works in Gildredge Park and through the course of my adolescence I have spent a large amount of time in this lovely place. I feel the skate park will not change my opinion or the atmosphere of the park.

This is because the park is filled with a wide range of people from tots and teens right up to grandmothers which the park provides lots of different activities for each age group to enjoy; such as a walk in the sun, playing in the children’s parks having a kick around on the field or even having a nice spot of lunch in the café!

If the Conservatives’ aim was to divide a community, pit young against old, and create an atmosphere of mistrust, then you have achieved this.

I hope the damage you have caused is not long-lasting.

As to the constant personal attacks against our mayor I’ve read from those familiar names, nothing could be further from the truth. She has acted with true grace and diligence towards the community.

It’s now time to heal the damage.

The skate park is providing more things to do for younger ages, in an appropriate place (as opposed to the town centre, or pavements around the area?).

Let’s not forget that this issue has been raised once again by Cllr. Tom Liddiard’s “political opportunism”, and let’s face it – that’s the last thing Lib Dems can be accused of.

Gildredge Park is for everyone to enjoy, and you’re more than welcome!


Victoria Drive.