Skate park brings noise and litter

As a resident of Langney Point before the skate park was put in place, I can assure the residents of Manor Gardens their life will change for the worse.

The users of this distraction urinate up walls (because there are no toilet facilities) and on grass on their way home. This has been seen.

They deposit huge amounts of litter and the noise of their screaming, shouting and swearing from early age to older boys is disgusting. This is every day and worse at weekends right up to as late as 11pm.

On the way home they use the walkways as an extension of the skate park. They disperse through the Beatty Road estate as loudly as possible with their grinding little wheels emitting a shrill sound, multiplied by their numbers.

There is only one area for this noisy pastime and that is Cross Levels Way.

Finally, can we have police and council support to eradicate bicycles off all pavements and back on the roads where they belong – wearing helmets and hi-vis vests with lights and bells.

P. R. Shewry

Benbow Avenue