Silver surfers enjoy shops page

Many readers can’t have failed to have seen the many glowing articles about the Facebook group Gone but not Forgotten – Eastbourne’s Vanished Shops.

The input from so many people, from the just plain curious right up to relatives and descendents of the very people who contributed to the ‘making’ of Eastbourne as a tourist resort is nothing short of fascinating.

This page attracts people from all age groups, though the greatest contributions come from older people with long memories.

These are those who are known as the ‘silver surfers’, seniors who regularly use the internet and I’m sure all the members of the group (who now number over 2,200) would agree with me when I say I’d ask those pensioners with fond and long memories of Eastbourne to conquer their technophobia, take the bull by the horns and take a quick course in how to make the most of the internet.

Surfing the web is the easiest thing you can do on a computer, and the basics are easily learned in about ten minutes. Many older people have researched their family histories and found long lost photographs and clips of film by doing this.

The Age Concern Centre does courses in this, as do other places. Libraries have ‘computer buddies’ who are prepared to sit down with you at a computer and take you step by step towards getting yourself set up.

There are still many valuable people in Eastbourne such as Anthony Brothers and John Wilkinson who we’d really like to have as members and who could give us some brilliant memories and maybe let us see some photos.

So, as a heartfelt plea from a 50-year-old whippersnapper, if you’re an OAP with memories of Eastbourne you’d like to share, could you make this week the week you find out what you can do to get you started on computers and enlightening so many people with your reminiscences?

For anybody already au fait with computers and wishing to join the group, the link is:


Penhurst Close.