‘Silly cliches’ make one chuckle

ONE CAN chuckle with an ice cream on the seafront, thinking how the real and self-styled politicians strain after ‘gateways’ and ‘iconic’ structures for the town.

I am guessing that the Victorian founders named the top end of Terminus Road, ‘Victoria Place’, because it was bad manners to remind one of the railway terminus, and the way back to it.

One tree-lined, shop-lined boulevard guided visitors’ footsteps from the trains to the sea.

These words ‘iconic’ ‘gateway’ seem such silly clichés.

Beachy Head and the lighthouse, views of Eastbourne on a sunny day, Roman ruins at Pevensey, a 12th century church: they are pictures to take and text home about, or write on the back of a postcard and drop in a post box.

Andrew Somerville

Upperton Gardens