Should have created additional drains

I NOTE the ‘new improved pavement’ along Dittons Road/Pevensey Road Polegate.

However, surface water which once soaked away into the grass, now goes into the road, as the grass verges have been removed and replaced with tarmac.

It is a shame Wealden/Polegate did not add additional drains, especially at the Polegate border fence, as yet again, yesterday (January, 3) the road was only clear of water in its centre, after the rain fell.

This area of the road floods on every downpour of rain, and has for several years!

I also note that the layby has disappeared which had a bus stop with shelter near Lynholm Road.

The pavement close to the zig-zag lines of the public crossing, has new white paving slabs, suggesting that the bus is to stop here, instead, (noting that similar white slabs have been placed next to other bus stops.)

Surely, that will lead to added delays for traffic along this road, and why put two bus stops so close to each other – the other in same direction near Dittons Corner.

Furthermore, when will the road be re-surfaced, as since the new Bluebells housing has been built the road has more potholes along its length, than ever before.

If a delay in the re-surfacing of its length, then can the councils pay for the potholes to be filled-in, and the cats eyes replaced, unless they would prefer pay compensation to ALL motorists living locally, who have to use this damaged road – reduce the Council Tax further than planned to compensate local car users this coming April!


Aberdale Road