Shingle to reduce threat of the sea

MR BOHAN’S letter (Herald March 11) concerning the works to build up levels of shingle on Eastbourne’s beaches seems to be missing the point, particularly when one views the tragic events brought about by the power of the sea in Japan.

The purpose of the works by the Environment Agency is to reduce the threat of encroachment by the sea due to projected rising sea levels.

Now that the bulldozers and trucks have disappeared, the beaches will quickly return to normal and even the ‘thick black sludge’ described by Mr Bohan proves to be simply wet sand.

It would have been impossible to dredge sufficient shingle from the sea bed without importing some quantity of sand.

I walked the promenade from the Bandstand to Holywell today and whilst there are a variety of colours of shingle and some large areas of drying sand, the course of nature with rain, high tides and the passage of numerous feet will soon restore the beaches to their previous quality.

Many people, including children with buckets and spades, will actively welcome increased amounts of sand that are evident in some areas. However, in practice, most of this will find its way through the shingle to the lower reaches of the beach in due course. I hope Mr Bohan will return to the seafront in a month or so and agree that this has been a job well done.

Roger Hudson

Devonshire Place