Shameful scene inside store

I WAS in Boots in Bexhill today when I suddenly heard behind me a woman shouting.

I turned round and at first I thought that she was telling off her husband and then I saw that the man she was berating was in fact a man with learning difficulties.

I hung about unobtrusively to observe what would happen next. I saw that she was in charge of two men and one woman – all with learning difficulties.

Her three clients were docile and quiet, but she continued to scold them and treat each one scornfully.

After a few minutes, I approached her and asked her where the group was from and she replied that they were from Eastbourne.

However, when I asked her for the name of the home, she would not tell me because she then realised that I intended to report her to the authorities.

I am very worried because Social Services will not be able to do anything as I cannot identify this woman and the home.

If this woman could treat vulnerable people like this in a public place how might she be treating them in private?

If this woman happens to read this letter I should like to say to her: “Please give up working with people in care. It is not a suitable job for you and you can’t be happy doing it!”

Will all readers please remember that they might be vulnerable one day. Please do not keep quiet about any sort of abuse, but report it at once to the appropriate authorities.


Boxgrove Close, Bexhill-on-Sea.