Shame on town for saying ‘no’

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MANY thanks to the mayor, volunteers and the Herald for highlighting the plight of homeless people who are forced to sleep out of doors on these harsh nights in Eastbourne.

About 15 years I wrote to the Herald on exactly the same topic asking why the churches, with all their congregations and facilities,were quite unable or unwilling to provide shelter at night.

I accept there are now more facilities in the daytime for the homeless but rough sleepers still have nowhere to turn to except doorways and benches etc.

I feel that being a Christian isn’t just about church on Sunday and, although, being over 70 years old, I am willing to set aside one night per month to help run a night shelter.

If Brighton and Worthing can provide shelter then shame on Eastbourne for saying: sorry, no room at our inn.

Finn O’Shea

Percival Road