Shame flag was hung upside down

AT THIS time of national celebrations for HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, it’s good to see an explosion of flags and bunting around the town to mark this very special occasion.

The other day, I noticed two new Union flags outside the entrance to one of the seafront hotels, which shall be nameless, and sadly both were being flown upside down.

I went in to their reception and gently pointed out their mistake, and the duty receptionist promised to rectify it.

I was gratified to see when returning past the hotel later the same day that the flags were indeed now being correctly flown.

However, I am less than impressed with Eastbourne Borough Council’s effort at the Town Hall.

They decided to hang an extra flag over the stone balustrade above the projecting portico of the main entrance, facing down Grove Road, and it is upside down, despite there being two flags correctly flown high up on flagpoles over the Town Hall and the Police Station next door.

Again, I pointed out the error to an official on duty inside who made a written note and said he would pass it on.

Sadly there was no change when I checked the next day, so it will probably not be rectified before the flag is taken down on Wednesday morning at the end of the celebrations.

It’s a shame the council can’t get things right on such a special occasion.


Dudley Road