Shake-up required at the top level

The proposal to turn the cardiac unit into a day unit should not be our only concern.

What we should be concerned with is the people who make up the East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust who are responsible for running our hospital.

The hospital does not manufacture pots and pans or nuts and bolts where closing down the productions line can help the cashflow.

It is there to provide a much more precious product – the health and medical care of the people of Eastbourne and its surrounding area.

The Trust however seems to think it is running a manufacturing outfit, not a unit responsible for the health of 100,000 people.

Any management which considers that a town the size of Eastbourne does not need 24-hour cardiac care must have their ability to manage called to account. What are the qualifications of this Trust to run a concern the size of our hospital?

We have to wonder whether a change of management with more skills than the present board would be for the better.

J. R. Watson

Broad Road