Seek advice over special needs

IT is the time of year when parents of children with special educational needs entering full-time education for the first time are being asked to review and comment on their child’s proposed Statement of Educational Need.

It’s a difficult path to navigate, and of course whilst Parentlink (Tel: 01273 481172) are more than happy to advise, sometimes it’s good to have something in front of you that takes you through each stage.

You CAN disagree, you CAN ask for re-wording (ie speech therapist not speech therapy can be the difference between someone with a specialist qualification and someone trained up by speech therapy to deliver certain things) and you can do that more than once!

Whether your child is starting school for the first time or has had a statement for a few years, check out clicking on downloads and then publications for “Getting the statement right”. You won’t regret it.

Whether you’re going through the statementing phase for the first time, or not, I encourage parents, grandparents and carers to check out this website which is a national not local site.


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