Searching for my mother who may live near Eastbourne

My name is Gareth Barr, and though I live in Oklahoma, USA, I am still a British subject.

I have been searching for several years for my birth mother, and have reason to believe that she may live in or near Eastbourne.

My purpose for finding her is simply for health information and perhaps family history for my son and daughter. My wish is not to disrupt her life or establish a relationship unless she also wishes or desires it.

Respecting confidentiality, here are the facts as I understand them: I was born in August 1948 in London to a woman whose first name begins with “S,” given the name Toni Duckett, and adopted at two weeks by a loving couple, which led to a happy childhood, a fulfilling vocation, and a loving married life with children.

If desired, my birth mother may contact me at All information will be gratefully received and treated with total confidentiality.