Seagulls causing a nuisance

IT is understandable that for some people, the daily sight of seagulls is one of the perks of living on the coast.

However for most residents of Seaford it is becoming increasingly hard to appreciate these birds given the amount of problems they are causing.

A local secondary school has recently been forced to start a record noting all seagull related incidents – this alone is an indication of the rising enormity of the problem we face.

Any litter left on school playgrounds or around our town has a much shorter lifespan now than it ever did before – lots of it is swiftly eaten by these birds.

We may as well not bother with bins: they dispose of our rubbish for us!

You know things are bad when, looking at a Seaford school at lunchtime, seagulls outnumber students!

These birds are causing annoyance at home as well: many dustbins, including mine, are being scavenged daily, such is the seagulls’ hunger for leftover scraps of our food.

They are becoming lazy, choosing to fish less and less and instead, relying on us to feed them simply because we will.

It is because of this that their numbers around town have increased – we have become the seagulls’ own personal fast food joint.


Haven Brow