Seaford Head is for all to enjoy

IT appears that a number of non-Seaford residents, local groups and from afar, and some local residents, many apparently non-golfers, are so wrong about all the views against the proposed new clubhouse and much needed function room on land owned by the town at Seaford Head by Seaford Town Council.

Surprisingly, I am also a non-golfer but pleased that this building in the pipeline has my full backing support and should be built now after all the time it was taken to plan this important project.

Please note – if this is not built, it will be a serious financial disaster concerning income loss for Seaford.

You must keep the existing members of the golf club and non-members who play golf at Seaford Head, and one of the main reasons for updating the clubhouse is to recruit new members and players to bring in the important finance that many residents and others do not actually realise is used for the upkeep of Seaford Head, the Golf course, The Crouch and The Salts, plus other town concerns.

This is one reason why Lewes District Council was reluctant to pass back control of the golf club to the now Seaford Town Council, because of the income raised and being spent over the Lewes District, so now that Seaford Town Council is in control it is using the finance for the good of the town on land in its ownership.

So, perhaps now objectors will give a thought that if the new clubhouse is not built it would mean a very large increase in town council tax in the coming years, to finance all its ownership land upkeep because of main incoming finance loss.

Seaford Head is for all to enjoy not just the golfers who do pay to use Seaford Head, so it is out of order when one objector saying for a sport it is quite a selfish one requiring large open areas for a small number to enjoy, you could join the golf club.

Perhaps when it snows those who sledge should pay for course damage.

E W. Hill

Hindover Road