Seaford can be even more exciting

WE HAVE lived in Seaford for almost three years – we like the town and love the surrounding countryside.

We also think Seaford has the potential to be an even more exciting and interesting place to live and visit. Here are our suggestions for the town:

r A seaside pub for the whole family.

r Communication about all events before they happen.

r Seaford Scene to go to every household with its great ‘What’s On’ guide. Perhaps the town council could finance some of this?

r More rubbish bins in the main side streets.

r A pedestrian crossing across Avondale Road, near Stafford Road.

r A weekly market. The empty Caffyns garage could be a good space before it is developed.

r More availability for adults to use the swimming pool.

Mike Howard &

Robin Shell

Stafford Road, Seaford