School expansion will effect roads

WILKINSON Way in Seaford and the adjacent cul-de-sacs are already extremely congested when children are entering and leaving school.

If the proposed extra classrooms are added to Seaford Primary School, then the problems in a road already at capacity will increase far more than proportionately.

East Sussex County Council is responsible for roads and transport, as well as for education.

It should not be beyond these two departments and planning to consult each other and work together for a co-ordinated solution.

Planning permission for the extra classrooms should not be granted until there is a commitment to improving traffic management in the area affected.

This would include double yellow lines to improve visibility at corners and to help traffic flow, and improvements to pavements, especially where many pedestrians cross.

Police and traffic wardens need to visit the area frequently, because, however law-abiding most parents are, there are a few who have a total disregard for the residents, other drivers, and the safety of any children other than their own.


Wilkinson Way, Seaford.