Save Our Stripes campaign is great

The lighthouse at the foot of the cliffs at Beachy Head is a famous Sussex landmark, especially with its red and white stripes which I think should be preserved and repainted to keep its great originality.

I am delighted that a major fundraising campaign is to be launched [see page 8] to raise the many thousands of pounds needed to pay for the lighthouse stripes to be repainted next year.

I am sure thousands of residents and visitors will contribute towards the cost as Trinity House, the owners of the lighthouse, do not have the funds to pay for the specially-trained painters to carry out the job.

Provision of the paint should not be a problem as many local companies have said they will donate some, allowing the money from the appeal to go towards paying for the painters.

It’s great news that Eastbourne Borough Council is fully supporting the campaign, allowing a collection in Eastbourne town centre to take place in a few months and that a bank account is going to be set up so people can donate to the appeal.

It’s great that Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd is also supporting the campaign to repaint the stripes. The repainting of this great landmark is what many residents and visitors to Eastbourne want to see and will restore this great landmark to its former glory.

I hope the appeal will be very successful and will raise all the money required to do a very professional job. We cannot afford to let this great old lighthouse fall into ruin for want of a lick of paint.

Steve Fuller

Rowan Avenue, Hove