Sad to see school’s decline

I was sad to note your coverage of the recent Park College Ofsted report, which details my former college’s ongoing decline.

As a former Park student, it is deeply disappointing, although sadly not surprising, to see that it has become a less successful college.

When I was a student, Park had a clear identity as a sixth form college and allowed young people like me to fulfil their promise and go to university. The teachers were highly motivated and it was a tight knit community which took a genuine interest in the progress and welfare of all its students.

When Park was taken over by the old FE college, it seems that unique sixth form ethos changed and something was lost.

A giant college, spread over a huge campus on multiple sites, such as Sussex Downs College was bound to lose its personal ties with its students and end up as just another struggling college which has lost its way.

Park needs to be given its independence again to help it return to being a successful sixth form college. The young people of Eastbourne deserve nothing less.

ROBERT KELLY, Avondale Road.