Sad irony of new development


From: Paul Lovatt Smith

Cinderford Lane, Hellingly,


I’d like to congratulate the person at Bellway Homes who thought of the name Cuckoo Park for their new 400 plus homes development on farmland north of Amberstone.

It’s a fitting tribute that the housing estate should be named after one species of the local wildlife which are at this moment being shunted out or killed as the bulldozers move in. The irony is that the cuckoo is rapidly heading for extinction in this area, partly because of greenfield development such as this, so the new residents may never get to see or hear the bird.

Also, I wonder if Bellway realise that to describe something as “cuckoo” is a Sussex way of saying that something is wonky or not normal. What could be more apt to describe the whole sorry scenario?

Loss of green space, a few people making lots of money, a council which does not seem to care and the rest of us left to pick up the pieces with increasingly over-stretched services and more pollution. Keep the name, it’s both a good memorial to the bird which developments have helped to eradicate and to the folly of all those who support and profit from developments like this.