Roundabout terrific place for stone lions

I WRITE to offer my support for the new stone lions on the Sovereign roundabout.

I think they look very grand and I for one think it was a terrific idea to place them there.

I am an ex-Londoner who moved to the peace and tranquility of Pevensey Bay in 2005 and I love everything about life down here on the south coast and have adopted this area as my home.

When these lions were originally in the Wartling Road, I was probably one of the few that really liked them. They made me smile every time I saw them - a little bit eccentric - but to my mind if a non-British person who adopted this country as his home over 40 years ago can have such pride in the English way of life and show such care at the loss of our countryside - then to my mind Sheikh Gulzar is to be admired and respected and encouraged.

He is more English and has more pride in this country than some of the English who live here!

I just hope it was him that purchased the 16 acres of open countryside along the Eastbourne Road, Pevensey Bay and not the property developers!

Denise Hack

Priory Close, Pevensey Bay