Roll your sleeves up, Mr Grayson

WHAT’S in a word? Quite a lot possibly given that at the end of the Josh Pettitt’s interview with the EDGH chief executive, Darren Grayson, (Eastbourne Herald, May 20)

Mr. Grayson said, “We’re working with staff assiduously to help THEM (my emphasis) improve.” Really!

Is it then a case of US and THEM between management and staff at our hospital? Is it only the staff who need training?

Surely given the damning nature of the Care Quality Commission report (whether we believe it to be unnecessarily harsh or not) much of the responsibility has to lie squarely in the hands of the management.

Perhaps the chief executive should actually devote his, and his highly-paid senior management team’s, efforts towards recruiting the right level of qualified permanent staff rather than wasting even more money on yet another review of maternity services which is unnecessary.

As Stephen Lloyd clearly pointed out two of the key issues in relation to safe maternity services provision have not changed at all.

Or am I being cynical in believing the ‘powers that be’ will continue to undertake reviews until they get the result they want rather than the outcome that the people of this town (and Hastings) need and deserve.

Forget clicking your fingers Mr Grayson and roll your sleeves up.

C A Jackson

Milton Road