Roadworks are a bus nightmare


From: Laurelee Ruldolph

Compton Street

I would like to bring to your attention the nightmare of trying to get to work during the Rodmill roadworks.

I work in a local pub. The highways have decided that the stops outside no longer exist, have not provided temporary stops, so this results in an almost daily argument with the drivers who say it’s unsafe to stop when the road has been coned to stop parking to allow the buses freedom of movement!

I had to assist an 82-year-old up from Prideux Road for 20 minutes because the the driver would not stop.

I rang highways, the gent I needed to speak to was out of the office and promised a call back today. NO . What has happened to customer service in this country? The particular area in question has a high volume of elderly residents, is it fair on either paying customers or the vunerable? I don’t think so.